Family task organizer

Is your life stressful because of any or all of the following?

  • I am not good with using technology. I keep track of tasks in my head or sticky notes.
  • We are multiple people in my family and we all are not on the same page about who/what/when to do certain task.
  • Not all the tasks need to be shared with everyone
  • I need a ¬†shopping list that can be accessed and used at anytime, also while I am shopping
  • I use google, apple or other calendars but tasks are crowded and calendars are not useful if I miss a certain task. I would like see only upcoming tasks and missed tasks together.
  • My tasks are a combination of different lists, events and routine tasks for myself and others in my family. I have to use too many applications for routine tasks such as calendar, weather, time, notes etc. I want to see them together.
  • I lose the paper copies of my children’s school lunch menu that changes every month. If i take a picture, it is hard to find after some time.
  • I do not like too many emails and text messages for reminders. I want to control when/how many times i should be notified about my upcoming tasks.
  • I wish that some routine events such as”flu vaccine time”, “spring and fall clean up”, “register to children’s summer camp” etc show up in my list automatically at the right time.
  • I am an immigrant and so many things are new to me. I wish there is a tool with some basic information about local community, business and services to get up to speed.
  • I can not find information about my homeowner’s records whenever I need such as insurance (home, car, health), their expiration/renewal dates, home and appliance warranty information, mortgage, utilities and services, home improvements etc.
  • I need to access my academic and professional certificates once in a while. They are paper copies hidden somewhere and I can not find when i need them. It would be nice to have them into a digital briefcase (private and password protected) with table of content.
  • My children get sick and I don’t have knowledge on medical symptoms/medications. Every time, i panic when they are sick and need to either google (can not trust the information), call some friend or take children to emergency.

You are not alone! We experienced the same pain!!!

So, we have built a product to satisfy exactly these needs.

Our goal is to make this a single most important application for every family!Our product is subscription based. After free trial, it is ONLY $7.99 per year