Healthy lifestyle tips

Here are a few tips for healthy lifestyle – physical, emotional and mental.

  • Get enough sleep (adults 7-8 hours and children 9-10 hours minimum) 
  • Some form of physical activity like walking, jogging in fast pace (6000 steps/day minimum)
  • Some form of meditation for inner peace (30 minutes minimum)
  • Balanced food (Less carbohydrate, more protein, lots of vegetable and fruits, enough water)
  • Entertainment, connecting socially and a feeling of love (With family, friends and community every week)
  • Staying engaged than idle (Physical exercise, learning or doing some work)
  • Most importantly, we all need to think life simple and take it easy! We are here for just a period of time and this is an opportunity to enjoy!!!

If these are many, just ask yourself whether you are doing these three things every single day.

  • Did i do something to take care of my physical or mental health today?
  • Did i learn something new today?
  • Did I use my health and knowledge to accomplish something in action today?

If it feels like answer to these questions is “No” for more than a week continuously, it is an indicator for you to fix some of your habits. 

Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

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