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Education and experience count, but other things count even more. Draw a complete and authentic picture of yourself. Represent who you are, your core values, skills and more importantly, who you want to be. Don\’t be afraid to dream big!

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Total number of connections does not matter much but a few quality connections make a big difference. Connect with people that share your skills, interest and values. You can collaborate, learn and get inspired from them and achieve your dream! 

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Everyone has opportunity to improve in some area. Our platform helps to match your needs with accomplished and high quality coaches. Find a coach that understands the \”Authentic You\” and helps you get one step closer to your career destination! 

About us

We bring hidden talents to the spotlight!

We are an organization with a radical different view on talent and leadership. We believe everyone is a STAR, they just need to brighten them up and need some guidance!

In today\’s digital world, there is no limit to what you can do and doesn\’t matter where you do it from. So, we want to enable every single talent (fresh undergraduates to mid-career professional to accomplished scholars) by showing
them what is possible, help find meaningful connections and provide required mentorship/coaching to shine brighter, so that every organization looking for top talents can find a pool of authentic (verified) candidates right here at
STARleaders platform!!! 

A few things we\’re great at

We do a few things but do it very well.

\”We can identify everyone\’s strengths and potential, then nurture them to the fullest possible!\”

Our vision and mission is to 
Provide a platform to talented students, professionals and scholars across social, economic and geographic boundaries and help unlock their hidden potential .

Here is what our users say…

Don\’t take our word for it – here\’s what our users, customers and partners say:

I signed up in STARLeaders platform and it immediately suggested me to do a few things in my profile, connected me to a few brown alumni and recommended a 2 days 1-1 coaching to improve my interview skills. I never felt the power in
me and soon within weeks, I had multiple job offers from great organizations. Highly recommend STARLeaders platform.

Jenna Smith

Fresh Graduate 2022, Brown University, RI

I have been a professor in a South African university for the last 20 years. I always wondered how i can take my research to next level. I knew about STARLeaders platform, signed up and based on my profile, it recommended me to connect
with other researches in my field who were exploring the partnership opportunities. I now work with two other collegues from the United States and France in a research project to transform our education policy for new generation of students.
STARLeaders changed my life! 

John Doe

Professor, University of South Afrida

I was looking to connect with other  CEOs of banks across the globe who have worked in rural areas to provide excellent customer service to their customers. As soon as I signed up in STARLeaders platform and filled up my profile about
my interest, it immediately recommended me submit my credentials for verification. Right after I did that, i could connect to other CEOs in Africa and South America doing things that I was interested to learn. I am meeting wt 

Raani Kumar

CEO, Annapurna Bank

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