Established in 2020

About Us


askfore was founded from our own family life experience. Being an immigrant to the United States and parents of young children, juggling among different schedules, chores, events, follow ups and so many children activities to keep up with everyday, life was frustrating for us for quite some time. Career and financial goals were always back of our minds. Adjustment to the new country and culture and relying on internet for accurate and timely information was a constant struggle. The most frustrating part was that we had to learn everything ourselves and it always felt like we missed something everyday. Many times, we didn’t know something basic and wished there was something to learn from. It was very challenging to navigate through the chaos and get organized.

I met with so many other parents in the United States and many other immigrant parents, they share very similar stories with us. This problem is more severe in families who do not have social and economic safety net. 

We did not give up, rather had a commitment to build a platform to help many others. This commitment gave the birth of Taskfore. We created Taskfore to solve this massive problem to create a better world for future.

Our commitment

“We help families (across physical, social and economic boundaries) to get organized, show them possibilities and unlock their untapped potential to live their dreams!”

We do so through our technology platform that helps families to get organized, share useful information with other families and also connect with influencing people, organizations and businesses who share similar values or experiences. It is NOT a social channel or platform like Facebook. In our platform, consumers make the first move to initiate any conversation to others, not the other way around. 

We look forward to working with everyone who share our vision, mission and values listed below.


Enable families and small businesses, to get organized, find timely and accurate information and feel empowered!


Provide opportunities to talented individuals anywhere in the world and empower them to become part of global economy


#1 Customer Experience

Diversity and Inclusion

Transparency, Respect and Trust

Simplify Everything