Established in 2020

About Us

We founded taskfore from our own family’s  experience.  

Why taskfore?

Life is often overwhelming to take care of so many tasks at the same time, from going to school, raising children and advance to professional career. If people can organize and share their tasks (including events and shopping lists) among family members by using a tool that is very easy to use, we believe that we can help saving an hour of time for every member of a family.  

Similarly, we saw a big disparity  in opportunities for individuals to start a business  across geographical countries for various reasons. We thought that every talented and hardworking people should have a platform to sell their ideas, content and services globally. And we believe it is possible to make that happen in today’s new digital era.

  • To make life more organized for busy families by using technology in more humane way
  • To provide a platform to publish and sell digital services (to anyone from anywhere):
  • Provide digital transformation software and services for large organizations to automate complex tasks

We look forward to working with everyone who share our vision, mission and values.


Build a software platform that makes it extremely easy for a family, small business and organization to offer and consume digital services – “digital transformation”


Provide opportunities to talented individuals anywhere in the world and empower them to become part of global economy – “social capitalism”