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family Assistant

We are dedicated to make people’s life more organized and help connecting members of busy families everyday. We understand that life can be overwhelming at times because of various reasons such as moving to a new place, growing family members, career aspiration, transitioning to new age etc. Taskfore’s flagship product “Family Assistant” is a very intuitive mobile and web application that you can trust and provides the following features that every family needs everyday.
  • Create tasks, lists and documents and organize them into various categories 
  • Share tasks, lists or documents with other members in family and outside
  • Reminder and notification (automated and on needed basis)
  • Integration with important calendars and events across the globe
  • Premium contents (articles/posts, videos or a list of items) created and reviewed by experts, on topics that every family cares such as health and wellness, education and career, finance and investing, children and parenting, new country and culture etc
  • Connect with service providers and experts in areas such as Finance and Accounting, Parenting etc  for any questions or use their services
Our goal is to make sure that every task is managed from a single place from creation to completion, and make this the single most important tool to use every day for every family in the world! We believe that our tool can help SAVING AN HOUR TIME EVERYDAY for each family member and provide a peace of mind everyday. 

Family Assistant application is a subscription based product. Basic version is free. For premium version, it is ONLY $9.99 per year after a free trial. Please become a part to create a more peaceful world!


taskfore business

We make it extremely easy for you to start your online presence to publish and sell your subscription based services to global customers. Our platform can help you transitioning to digital business very quickly and streamline simple to sophisticated tasks that you might be doing in a physical store today. To be more specific, we provide the following functionalities are offered as a service without much hassle.

  • Publish website, product and services – If you don’t have one, we can help building a stellar responsive website for your organization or business. You can then embed all your digital services (content, case management, data management etc) into your own website with a drag and drop feature.
  • Registration self service – Provide registration, profile updates and subscription options to your services to your customers. Subscription types and payment options are integrated with the registration process.
  • Content management – Administer and publish personalized content to your customers

  • Data Management – Very easy way to define, load and maintain custom data that you or your customers can reference. We provide common data operation services (create, edit, delete, list, search, analyze) with customizable user interface

  • Customer Service – Provide a request management tool for your customers to create a case and follow through the life cycle of the case until completion

If you have are a large organization or business and would like to scale your digital presence and services across different locations, we provide free consultation service to understand your needs at the beginning. We then make products and services recommendations to transform your business.

Please contact us with your needs and we will connect to you very soon!


You can always contact us by email or phone, but this may help…

Taskfore is primarily a product based company and customers should be able to use all the functionalities out of the box. However, if there are features that needs extreme customization, taskfore will provide consultancy services to ensure that the solution is of best quality, scales well and highly secure.