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taskfore family Assistant

We understand that life is overwhelming for many of us to keep up with daily essential schedules and also stay connected with this fast moving digital world. If you are a parent of young children, it can be even more tough to balance across work, house chores, paying bills, children’s activities for their physical, social, academic and extra activities such as sports, music, swimming etc. Research shows that most of us are not organized and waste so much time just trying to find needed information at the right time. We also rely so much on internet, which has a lot of redundant information and can add more ambiguity. Taskfore’s flagship product “Family Assistant” is a very intuitive mobile and web application that is aimed to enable you, hard working family, to get organized, access timely and trusted information and feel empowered. It has the following features that every family needs everyday.
  • Shared calendar of all family members
  • Manage important checklists such as groceries, movies, home improvements, taxes etc as well as other to-do lists
  • Connect to G-Mail, mark important messages and see them with other tasks 
  • Organize other resources such as personal documents, videos, website links and find them very quickly whenever you need
  • Share tasks, lists or any resources with other members in family and outside
  • Integration with external calendars (Holidays of any country, major sports and local schools)
  • Other useful resources and links, including training content on basics of finance and investing
Our ultimate goal is to make this the single most important tool for every family  in the world! We believe that our tool can help saving an hour of time for each family member and provide a peace of mind everyday. 

Family Assistant application is a subscription based product. Basic version is free. Premium version is ONLY $19.99 per year after free trial. Please use it today to get organized, access timely and trusted information and feel empowered!

taskfore business assistant

We make it extremely easy for you to start your online presence, publish and sell your consulting type of services to global customers. Our platform can help you transitioning to digital business very quickly and streamline simple to sophisticated tasks that you might be doing in a physical store today. To be more specific, we provide the following functionalities are offered as a service without much hassle.

  • Website – If you don’t already have one, we can help building a stellar responsive website for your business.
  • Business operation portal Your staff can manage your customers, products and services data so that they find or update any information very quickly 24×7 from any location and device. They should also be able to manage tasks such as schedule appointments or create a request/case for a customer and assign to or collaborate with any other staff member until the request is complete.
  • End user portal – Provide registration and self service capabilities for your customers so that they can do most of the things themselves after signing in to the end user portal. It will also provide a request management feature to your customers which will create a case and allows them to interact with your staff on the case.
  • Content management – You can create and publish knowledge base articles or any other content that is useful for your customers.